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I can think of no crime that a fallable human (full of flaws by design ) could commit that would be worthy of infinite torture.  Even Hitler only killed so many people robbing them of so many years.  He was also obviously a broken person with many mental defects. 

Stalin, Lennin, Mao all comitted finite crimes.  In my opinion the worst examples of humanity do not deserve infinite punishment.

I can not imagine punishing my child for not believing in something I did.

lets look at it this way with a conversation with my daughter.

Daughter Jennifer  "Daddy I don't believe you were in the navy, that you know how to fix cars, and I even question if you are my father!!!"

Me "All those things are true,  I wont tell you any details but you need to trust me or else"

Jennifer "I have not seen a uniform, a picture, or any cars you have fixed"

Me "Ask pete"

Jennifer "who is pete I have never met pete"

Me "Well pete is some one who saw me do those things"

Jennifer "Well with all due respect I don't believe a fricking word you are saying, and I dont have any reason to believe Pete."

Me "Well then I am going put you in a lake of fire for all eternity"

Jennifer "I don't think you can do this"

Me "Well the day you die you will find out everything I said is true but it will be too late then I will torture you for eternity for not believing"
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