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Just another thought.   if god is responsible for cursing the people/countries/regions.   Then it would appear as if it were not those who your would expect.

The poor seem to be the most cursed.  The indians appear to have had some serious problem with god because he let the whiteman come in and wipe them out.  Africans must have been intrinsically evil because they were enslaved for centuries.  Generation after generation of blacks were raised as slaves used as farm equipment and love toys and died while slaves.

10's Millions of dead indians, 10's of millions of black slaves, and as punishment for these crimes white folks have an occasional storm that knocks down their insurred houses and kill a few dozen people.   Seems fair.

God may be real or not,   but a thunderstorm and a few thousand homes being knocked down is hardly evidence of a curse.  If it is a curse then it is a pretty lame one.  Now send some zombies and or kill thousands of people with no evidence of foul play then I go for curse maybe.
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