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After doing all that in record time-- and planting lots of fake archeological evidence--everyone on the planet would have to forget having done it.

Not so much the "forgetting having done it".  More the "forgetting EVERYTHING about Yahweh and the colossal power he wields.....within just a few generations.

By the time we get to Moses, the Egyptians (despite being, like Moses, direct descendants of Noah) have forgotten Yahweh, forgotten the flood, forgotten everything about this god who has the power to wipe out the whole world.  Plausible?  No way.

I have also heard how strong oral traditions are and that this explains the accuracy of the bible.

so not only did the egyptians forget but they broke from this super strong oral tradition of the noah family.  It would have to have been a concerted effort to deny ones family tradition and invent a completely new one.

I guess the egyptian line of kids just decided to ignore the god, disregarding this super being who wiped out the world.  Now I suppose this is possible if there is a concerted effort to do so, like in "The Village". 

I could also buy this if oral traditions was not a solid way to transport facts and evidence across time unchanged.  But biblical scholars assure me this is not the case:)
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