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A good subject for a thread: Why would a god go to the trouble of creating a universe and all that is in it, and then clear off?

I can think of at least one good reason: just to watch what happens.

Have you ever seen those sand pendulum things?

The way it works is, you hold the pendulum to one side of the tray, then let it go, perhaps with a slight sideways push so that when it swings back, it doesn't immediately swing back thru the middle of the sand.  Then, you just sit back and watch.  When the pendulum finally stops swinging around some minutes later, the result is some very intricate and beautiful patterns in the sand, which vary depending on how the pendulum's motion started.  This is just one possibility of many:

It's quite fascinating to watch the various patterns appear, and there have been times when I sat with one for minutes turning into hours, just trying different ways of swinging the pendulum and observing the different patterns.  So there's one possibility, at least: the universe could be god's sand pendulum.
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