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This brings up an interesting related question: is it possible for a proper skeptic to be a theist?  My answer, with Matt Dillahunty, is no: skepticism, properly applied, inevitably leads to atheism.  The thing is, of course, that no skeptic is a perfect skeptic, as much as we would like to be, and as a result, there are some people who self-identify as skeptics but who are also theists.  (Or believers in ghosts, UFOs, et cetera et cetera.)

For my own part, since I do strive to be as good a scientific skeptic as I can, the main reasons for my rejection of supernatural claims are essentially the same as for my rejection of (most) conspiracy theories.  I am an evidentialist, so if you make a claim -- whatever the claim may be -- I will ask for your evidence.  Should none be offered, I will not accept the claim.
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