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Right now, in Florida, as confirmed by the results of this trial, I can follow anybody I want, hassle them, and then when they get mad and jump me, I can kill them. And it is okay.

That is not what the law says.

Saying that since the jury found Zimmerman innocent

Zimmerman was not "found innocent".  No jury in the entire history of the United States, in any criminal trial, ever, has ever "found someone innocent".  He was found "not guilty", which is an entirely different matter.

We as a people need to ask how laws that permit the use of force apply when the danger is caused by the person with a gun.

That's easy: they don't.  You cannot claim self-defense in situations where you are the aggressor.  The law has never said otherwise.

I think you might want to spend some time learning about the laws regarding use of force in self-defense because it sounds to me like there are some gaps in your knowledge.
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