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Some developments:  I've heard back from two of the three colleges that I've applied to, Charter Oak and Excelsior.  Excelsior is off the table as they would cost far too much and take far too long, but Charter Oak was much more generous with accepting my transferred credits.  I'm still waiting to hear back from Thomas Edison, but unless they have a big surprise for me, Charter Oak is probably going to be the one I'll be going with.

Charter Oak would be expecting me to finish either 24 or 27 credits (I would need to clarify that with my admissions counselor), and I will most likely be able to finish my degree there by the end of next year.  I've already got my tentative course load selected for October.

Despite their generosity with transfer credits, I do find it a little amusing at what some of my prerequisites are going to be.  Like "English Composition 101", which I need about as much as Hatter23 needs a course in logical fallacies.   ;D  Obviously I'd rather not have to deal with such prerequisites at all, but taking courses I can sleep thru is still preferable to taking courses that will require me to bust my butt.  At least, at this stage in my life it is.  Back when I actually was college age, being challenged in this department was preferable and enjoyable, but now I'm doing this mainly for the piece of paper, not because I feel like there's much more for me to learn in my field of study (philosophy), so keeping effort to a minimum is mainly an issue of pragmatism, what with all the other stuff I already have on my plate.

It feels so, so good to be getting on top of this...
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