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As some of you already know, for various reasons, I did not complete my bachelor's degree (there's a story behind the whole thing, which a few of us discussed a bit in a thread in the Atheist Corner a while back).  This has been hanging over my head for some time, and I'm finally starting to take action on it.

There are a number of online colleges that offer very liberal credit transfer policies, and I've applied to three of them.  I should be hearing back from each of them in three or four weeks to get more details about how many credits they'll accept, how many more I'll need, and so on.  My employer will also be giving me some financial assistance with this.

My major was philosophy, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to get a BA in Philosophy -- two of the three institutions I'm applying to do offer one.  If I were to go with the third, I would have to settle for a BA in Liberal Arts, which would not be the end of the world or anything like that, but it wouldn't be my first choice, either.  I'll probably go with that school only if there turn out to be compelling reasons to choose that one over one of the other two.

Wish me luck!
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