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What do you call someone like myself - a closeted agnostic atheist

I'd probably just go with "atheist", myself, although in your case "closeted" and "agnostic" are also both correct adjectives to attach to it.  It's just that, most of the time, I don't feel much of a need to qualify it at all when I call myself an atheist.  It's kind of like if someone were to ask me my gender.  I would just say "male", not "right-handed, five-foot-eleven male" or something like that.

(I know, besides a fraud)?

There might be a few "closeted atheists" out there whom I would consider frauds, but you're definitely not one of them.  You're doing what you feel you need to do to keep yourself safe in various ways, and I'm with Matt Dillahunty in that I don't fault you for that.  The simple fact of the matter is that some atheists need to stay closeted due to their circumstances because in our society today, being openly atheist can be risky or even dangerous.

I'll also echo what Matt Dillahunty said in another area: Allow those of us who can be openly atheist to do so, to continue interacting with society, and to help change people's views about atheism until people in general understand atheists and atheism better and stop treating us the way gays used to be treated, and blacks used to be treated before gays.  That is, let us do some work to help make society safer for you, and then you can come out.
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