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The abortion debate is one that seems to be getting louder and louder in today's society...

Is it?  I haven't noticed that.  Maybe I'm too busy in pursuit of my own two causes, neither of which involves reproductive rights.  Well, anyway...

This is my take... Abortion is wrong, in all cases except if it is endangering the life of the mother. From a religious or secular view I believe that the very Idea that this is still something we debate is rather sick.

I don't entirely agree with this, but I am sympathetic to the viewpoint and am not concerned to debate it.  Although I am pro-choice, I can understand why some people are uncomfortable with abortion.

Am embryo, a fetus is not just a living thing, it is the embodiment of human potential.

Right.  Potential.  Not a human being, but something that may become a human being.  And frankly, even calling it a "potential human being" is kind of silly.

Do you know what this is?

If most pro-lifers were consistent with their views on reproduction -- that an egg becomes a human being the instant it is fertilized -- they would insist on calling it an "oak tree", which it plainly is not.  No one calls it an oak tree, and if someone were to even refer to it as a "potential oak tree", we would think they were pretty weird.

From the moment it is created it has the potential to be a great person.

It also has the potential to become a horrible person.  Pro-lifers never talk about that.

A human being is the most powerful thing in the known universe

I don't agree with that at all.  I would go with either supernovas or black holes on that one, or maybe gamma-ray bursters.

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