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The force is measured in foot-pounds,

[engineer] Technically, that is a measure of energy.  In the english units, which suck, Pounds can be mass or force.  However, in the context of foot-pounds, it is generally assumed to be force, since there is no reason for distance and mass to be together as a descriptor.  distance times force is work, aka, energy.

Sorry, my bad.  It's been a while since college.  And I was a philosophy major, anyway... physics was one of only two courses, I think it was, where I got anything below an A-minus.  Not one of my stronger fields of knowledge.

Most "accidents" aren't really accidents in the sense that you're probably thinking.  In almost every such case, it's not an accident, it's someone being a smogbrain.  For a gun to truly go off by accident (for example, by dropping one on the floor, or something like that) is extremely rare.

They can go off accidentally, but it's very very unlikely. I'd bet that 99.9% of the time guns fire, somebody pulled the trigger.

That is what I thought.  So, in your experienced opinions, would you say that in cases where a gun owner says "the gun just went off", it is most probable the gun owner is full of crap?

Yes.  (Who says there are no simple answers?)

My opinion is anyone who accidentally shoots anyone, including themselves, should be a candidate to have their gun owning rights revoked on grounds they are irresponsible idiots and a threat to society.

I agree.
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