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Quote from: Typical Brainwashed Theist
Is that question, "Why doesn't God heal amputees?" really the most important question?

I personally don't think so, but it's certainly a very intriguing one.

Did you know that the worst ill in this world is SIN?  And that is the crux of man's problems and degeneration?

Please explain how hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods are caused by sin.
Also, did you know that there are amputees or paraplegics who have come through trusting in God even though they remain as they are.


Because He is sovereign, did you know that God can also answer "No" or "Wait"?  Those are also answers...like them or not.

I assume you are here referring to the video about the difference between praying to Yahweh and praying to a jug of milk?  If so, you completely missed the point.  If the answer you receive to a prayer is always either "Yes", "No", or "Maybe Later", then you have no way of knowing whether any of your prayers is ever answered at all because it's functionally identical to praying to a jug of milk.
Are you aware of the Bible verse James 4:3  "When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures."

Haven't gotten that far yet in my bible-reading project (I'm currently only up to Ezekiel), so no, I haven't read that.  But how is it relevant to the amputee question?  What are you suggesting, that any amputee who prays to get his leg back has his request denied because he's going to spend his leg on his pleasures?  Because that would be a pretty weird thing to say.
Did you know that what is happening in this woebegone world has been predicted by God ages ago...earthquakes in all sorts of places...places which have never experienced earthquakes... wars and rumors of wars...growth of homosexuality, haters of God...etc., etc.

This one always kills me.  It's like saying that the end of the world is near because there was once a prediction that in the end times, the sun will rise in the east and set in the west, over and over again.

There have always been earthquakes and wars and all of that other stuff, and so long as the human race exists and lives on planets with plate tectonics, there always will be.

because the end of this world is near...like it or not God is going to judge the world and we will see who laughs last.

Do I look worried?  Because I'm not.

Satan (believe it or not, he is real and alive and so are his emissaries) is now working as hard as possible to keep, get people on his side because he knows his end is nearing.

Yeah, see, I don't get this.  Satan presumably knows that Yahweh is omniscient and omnipotent, so why in the world would he rebel in the first place?  What is he, an idiot?

That is why there are so many who doubt the God Almighty, profane His Name and His Son, Jesus Christ, so blatantly.

You don't give credit to atheists like me, who investigate the claims of the bible and find logical reasons to reject them?

God can stop all this...and He will, but in His Time.

Kind of like what alcoholics say, huh?  "I can quit drinking anytime I want to."

Who's to tell Him when and what to do?

We are, according to scripture: he says that anything we ask for in his name, we will receive (if we're believers, that is).

He is Almighty and at the same time All Love, believe it or not.

It is, indeed, rather difficult to believe, when you look at the world around you.

"...it is a most astonishing thing that people can believe that this world, with all the things that are in it, with all its defects, should be the best that omnipotence and omniscience have been able to produce in millions of years. I really cannot believe it. Do you think that, if you were granted omnipotence and omniscience and millions of years in which to perfect your world, you could produce nothing better than the Ku Klux Klan or the Fascists?"  --Bertrand Russell

If you can just believe that He loves YOU, in spite of who or what you are, you will see what countless millions have come to see: that He is indeed LOVE...true LOVE

It is just barely possible you could convince me that Yahweh exists.  It is utterly impossible that you could ever convince me that he is a loving being.  Quite the contrary, if even one-tenth of the deeds attributed to him in scripture are true, he's the biggest monster imaginable.
May God have mercy on you

Mercy regarding what, exactly?

open your heart to Him and His love through the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Most of us here at WWGHA are, in fact, former Christians, and with that and other things being the case, you are simply in error when you presuppose that we have "closed our hearts" or whatever you want to call it.  The former Christians here did not want to become atheists, for the most part, and when they felt their faith weakening, they prayed and prayed and prayed for strength, for a sign, for anything to help them stay in the fold.  Yahweh did not answer them.

For my own part, I've never been a believer, but if Yahweh does exist, then I want to know about it.  If Yahweh is omniscient, then he knows that, and he knows what it would take to convince me that he's real.  And if he's omnipotent, he's also capable of giving me whatever it is I would need to be convinced of his existence -- and yet, here I sit, disbelieving away.  Strange, isn't it?  Well, for a believer it must be strange, anyway.  It makes perfect sense to me.

With much prayers for God's mercy to reach you, too,

Please don't pray for me.  It's really obnoxious.
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