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I challenge you to simply say in the air out loud Jesus Christ if you are real reveal yourself to me and show me the truth. Now, give it a little time.

Two questions...

1)  How much time?  If you can't at least give an estimate, then your challenge is meaningless.  I might as well be saying the same thing to a rock, because I wouldn't be able to tell the difference, right?

2)  You are asking me to put my entire worldview on the line, and that being the case, I expect you to be willing to do the same.  So I, in turn, offer you this challenge: If I accept your challenge and Jesus Christ does not reveal himself to me, you agree to become an atheist.  If you do not accept my counterproposal, then your challenge is meaningless, and I discard it.  It would be functionally equivalent to you flipping a coin and saying, "Heads I win, tails doesn't count."
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