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In Land of the Spotted Eagle, Chief Luther Standing Bear of the Lakota tells about how they dealt with wrong thinking/action (in his time-1800s).

If someone lied or stole or otherwise went against the tribal ways.They ignored them for a time. As the offender would approach or walk by, they simply turned their backs to them. It didn't take long for the offending person to make restitution and be accepted back into the tribe with open arms.

I once heard about another system that was even more effective -- and intriguing, in certain ways:

Quote from: Nathaniel Branden
I recall a story I once read by a psychiatrist, a story about a tribe that has a rather unusual way of dealing with moral wrongdoers or lawbreakers. Such a person, when his or her infraction is discovered, is not reproached or condemned but is brought into the center of the village square — and the whole tribe gathers around. Everyone who has ever known this person since the day he or she was born steps forward, one by one, and talks about anything and everything good this person has ever been known to have done. The speakers aren't allowed to exaggerate or make mountains out of molehills; they have to be realistic, truthful, factual. And the person just sits there, listening, as one by one people talk about all the good things this person has done in the course of his or her life. Sometimes, the process takes several days. When it's over, the person is released and everyone goes home and there is no discussion of the offense — and there is almost no repetition of offenses (Zunin, 1970).

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