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If I hadn't read the bible, then for sure creation speaks to me first.  The complexity of life draws me to believe there is a designer and creator.

I really have hard time understanding how life on earth can be proof for a creator, especially a benevolent one. I mean, if we look at animal kingdom, we see a predator - prey relationship, or parasite - host. Every second countless animals die by horrible and agonizing deaths when a predator eats them. While we can dismiss many species as insignificant critters, there still many intelligent mammals with feelings, like antilopes, zebras, young elephants, who die horrible deaths when hyenas or lions tear them appart.
So, if a creation speaks about the creator, if we accept that animal kingdom has a creator, he must be sadistic torturer.
Animals are NOT just butterflies and bees buzzing around flowers. It's a horrible, neverending struggle for not beeing eaten alive on one side, and finding food on the otherside. Worms in your guts, parasites sucking your blood, and so on. Whoever owns a dog or a cat knows that Animals can feel love, fear, pain, and for sure

And what about the environment? Why volcanoes, floods, hurricanes? Why would a benevolent god create a home for us with such horrible properties? Would you build a house for your kid with death traps? You can argue that climate change and severe weather is our fault, but volcanoes, tsunamis and asteroid hits are definitely not our fault, and there was no need for a god to create planet like this for us. As he could've created animals which only eat plants.

My conclusion is that "creation" actually speaks against a benevolent god.

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