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Anfauglir wrote:
I would say that therefore it is entirely appropriate for me to be incarcerated for the protection of others, since I am proven prone to actions that harm others.

Yes. A thousand times yes.

Our usual system of assigning responsibility for our actions engenders a desire for irrational things like revenge. If, instead, we view people as machines, then that desire for revenge is blunted. We do not imprison computers for giving the wrong answer. We do not seek vengeance on them. What we do is seek to repair what's broken. To re-program the computer to eliminate the bug. If we thought of people that way, it would all be about rehabilitation. About fixing what's wrong with they way some units interact with society.

In essence, that's what we're doing already with prisons and punishment, except the addition of a desire for revenge poisons those crude efforts at fixing what's broken. The current tools for re-programming humans are cruel, costly, and not very effective, but they're all we've got.

I used to think that the knowledge we had no free will was pointless and could not inform our actions, but I have since changed my mind.
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