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Are you basically saying "I would much rather endure eternal hell, so that I don't have to go to heaven?"
That is just mind blowing.

Only if you didn't read any of our posts. You know the ones, the ones that characterize the god as a tyrannical psychopathic thug because that's the only way we can interpret the behavior of the thing described in the bible? Once you actually read for comprehension, it's not mind-blowing at all.

That is equally mind blowing. No belief system?

Yep, atheists -- as a whole -- have no belief system. The only thing that all atheists share is a lack of a belief in any gods. Everything else is up for grabs. You can be liberal or conservative, rational or drenched in woo, and as long as you have no god-belief, you're an atheist. There is no other qualification, and one would be hard pressed to argue that a single characteristic constitutes a "system".

Hope you are not representing the whole 'Atheism'. I am very curious, girl.
She simply defined atheism. I think from the context of what she was saying that honest people would understand she was not talking about atheists as individuals, but rather atheists as a whole.

Having said that, it's been my experience that most atheists tend towards rationalism, although it might be hard to figure out which is the cart and which is the horse. It's probably different for different atheists.

And yes, there is a certain amount of anger and hatred here. It's probably because thanks to thousands of years of religious slander, atheists are the most distrusted minority in the US.

By looking at your posts, it seems that it doesn't even matter even if God healed amputees or not.
Whether God exists or not you guys will not go with the bible God's salvation plan, would you?
Again you ignore our posts where we answer this very question. What you call god's salvation plan, we see as a tyrannical protection racket. If we don't like Al Capon doing it, we certainly aren't going to worship an omnipotent being doing it.

For some reason -- I assume -- you do worship an omnipotent being who runs a protection racket.

And speaking for myself, if the god were demonstrated to exist -- due to a miraculous amputee healing -- it would be the most important piece of information in the universe. I need to know if a god exists, because I need to know that I have to figure out how to destroy it.

Luckily, god seems to only exist in people's imaginations. That's bad enough.
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