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What's "The Most Dangerous Game"?
A great book with a pretty decent film adaptation from the 30's. You'd probably dig it.

Yes, it registers as "fucked up", and I think I slightly denoted that but I've also have noted in the past I'm indifferent to peoples feelings. That's not something I can change. That's like telling a schizophrenic, or a sociopath to stop being those things--they are those things: they can't help it. Sure they could take medication to suppress those things but they still are those things.
That's no excuse to be cruel to people, Nam. If you think of something hurtful to type you don't have to type it. Even you have a filter. Use it in sensitive cases like junebug. Set religion aside and what you're left with it a struggling human being. I find myself agreeing with you quite often because we have similar beliefs concerning religion. And you can be humorous at times. But man, do try and use an intuitive filter on the things you type. Telling a cancer patient you'd rather her be dead is too fucking much.

And the schizophrenics I've met don't define themselves by their illness, they get help for it.
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