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Omen, I’m a little late to this party and I’m short on time, but I’ll toss in my unorganized two cents.

Your posting style is prickish.

The tone of your posting style has been brought to your attention before. Hell, one of the last threads from the old forum in 2008 has you defending yourself from being “uncivil”, but I guess that's neither here nor there.

I’ve mentioned this to you before. Why do I give a shit? I give a shit because I view your overly aggressive style as enabling. It makes theists want to run off and enables them to do just that by giving them an emotional out: “Omen is mean, goodbye cruel forum”. Take Jst for example: Grimm crafted a specific thread for Jst, extending a warm and friendly hand, and you beat the ever loving snot out of him in that thread. To what end? What was the purpose? What is your goal with Jst? I think Adzgari’s question concerning goals was a legitimate one that you avoided.

With that said I doubt you intend to come off as a prick, but people who visit WWGHA that don’t know you think you’re a prick, like Jst. Yes, you want support for claims, you want accountability, you want them to realize and correct the logical fallacies they commit (I want all of that too). But it seems like you want it all to happen in the very next post. It won’t happen of course. Most of the theists we get here have been indoctrinated since birth. And you’re right, indoctrination doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it is the reason they aren’t able to instantly admit their reasoning is wrong. They know for a fact Jesus rose from the dead and all the other nonsense, so when you present them with contradictions or cold hard facts or anything solid that goes against what they “know”, then it gets confusing and the mental gymnastics begin. It’s precisely the reason you get the dodging, etc.

Do theists dodge my questions? Yes. A theist recently dodged me hard about his god and it’s obsession with blood. Did I allow it to happen? Yes, because I realize my goal of freeing him along with other theists from their mythology won’t happen overnight. It’s going to take time and that’s why I try to be patient with them. It’s why I don’t use your approach and bludgeon them over the head in every single reply, demanding they face the facts. It doesn’t work. If anything it creates hostility and bitterness- neither of which help in a discussion. Yes, some do lie to save face and you’ve rightly called them out on it. But there are those that are lying to themselves and don’t realize it, and you get the unintentional byproduct of that. I think because you were never indoctrinated, the inability for a theist to instantly cut through irrationality will probably always be alien to you.

And I've mentioned this before also, but I don’t think you and some of the others have been particularly patient with the recent theists. For instance Alzael mentioned he has put in “so much” effort with Jst. Jst only has 550-ish posts under his belt. Effort and patience were displayed by those that helped chip away at Vynn’s convictions on the old forum. Before the WWGHA members helped free Vynn he had upward 7,000+ posts as a theist.

I like you, Omen. You have a better bullshit detector than I do and you’re able to recognize flaws in theists’ arguments from more angles than I can, and to that I tip my hat to you. But as far as being personable and caring about the people you’re having a discussion with- you’re a goddamned robot. What Christian is going to listen to the hostile "angry atheist" that seems like he has a chip on his shoulder? Present your compelling facts and hold them accountable, but damn it man, be as polite as you can.
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