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Yes, I am diplomatic. It even says "Diplomat" under my username! Did that give me away? =p

I use this style on purpose since, from experience, I have found that this yields the best results. Being diplomatic = being empathetic. If you truly care about what someone else has to say and try to understand why they say the things they say or think the things they think, then you will have the best lines of communication open, and thus the opportunity to learn more. Not only does it allow one to analyze the thought processes of other humans, but more importantly it also gives you a chance to help them analyze those things.

Although it comes naturally most of the time, there are times when I really have to make an effort to be diplomatic. Any time I think I could not get results being by being diplomatic, I choose not to reply. What helps me take this option (of not replying) is I know that others here will give that kick up the backside that is quite often more than deserved. In a sense, others are taking the hit by looking like 'the bad guy' when they are actually 'the hero'. It's almost like a good cop / bad cop routine  :police:
Also, there are times when diplomacy simply won't work. In these situations, I feel ridicule is not only justified, but necessary- not to help that person (who is beyond help- as these are the people who will not listen to any reason), but to set an example for others. These types of people do exist, and there is no shortage of these imbeciles.

If some of the other members weren't here, I would probably have a different tact, to cover all bases. Not everyone is the same, nor should they be. What has diplomacy got to do with it? Yes, sometimes it's frustrating when a theist is scared off when I think there is possibly potential to make a difference, but why should I expect others to conform to my style? Especially when I know a lot of the time that their style has a beneficial effect, in ways mine doesn't and possibly wouldn't be able to do as effectively if I changed it.

Yes, diplomacy is like an engine. We see it working and we know it works. But like an engine, we can break it down and understand it, down to every little detail. [Side Note- This can actually be a useful tool in life when two differently constructed (in terms of words and intonation and body language) sentences with the same meaning can yield two different results]. So we have established that it is indeed possible to do so.
Wait... are you referring to that other thread again which I haven't read? Or are you saying that people are being undiplomatic and you want it to stop?

EDIT: just because an approach works for someone, doesn't mean it will work for everyone.
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