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And, yet again, more people demonstrate their abject ignorance of how freedom of speech and separation of church and state actually work. First of all that IRS condition has no bearing on the first amendment because it doesn't suppress free speech. Just because you invoke your freedom of speech it doesn't automatically render any consequences of the content of said speech unconstitutional. This is tantamount to saying that my employer's right to fire me violates my free speech because I can't advertise how big of an asshole he is without potentially losing my job.

Second, separation of church and state was never intended as a one-way street that only protects churches from government interference while allowing them unlimited power. The whole emphasis on the word separation is that they both operate on two totally different wavelengths and keep the hell out of each other's way. You'd think if it was intended the way the forefather-worshiping pastor in that video seems to believe it would have instead been more aptly named subjugation of state by church.

Of course it doesn't matter a whit whether anything changes here because you know the fundie church endorsement of Romney still goes on regardless of whether they have to mince words to stay tax-exempt. Not that they have to because, as stated in the video, they've already performed this publicity stunt for 4 years in hopes of getting the opportunity to take the IRS to court without any luck. This is nothing more than a blatant forefather worship campaign where they regard the Constitution much like the Bible - an immutable text of absolute authority with inconvenient bits that are meant to be ignored.
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