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The major flaw in your argument is that you assume what the brain tells you and what experience tells you are two very distinct things. In both cases you are simply receiving testimony from one source; a source that's well-known for hedging truth for the sake of personal comfort, a source that's well-known for holding mutually exclusive ideas, a source that's well-known for screening information that doesn't conform to its biases. By elevating the value of personal experience above evidence truth comes down solely to the conviction of personal beliefs and interpretation of reality becomes a means of imposing worldviews upon others, a vehicle for personal agendas. By institutionalizing someone who believes that the government is monitoring their thoughts through their tooth fillings you are using your personal experience to invalidate theirs. By throwing someone in a jail you are disregarding their interpretation of events that convinces them they aren't a criminal. You are arguing for a world where truth and justice are meaningless because all it comes down to is a might-makes-right arena of opinions.

By promoting such a solipsistic worldview your Almighty God is reduced to a guy playing darts with earth's population, hitting random people with "objective truth" that is indistinguishable from fantasy because evidence can mean whatever each individual decides it to mean. Salvation is reduced to a game of lottery where people have to first spend about 70 or so years bumping into each other before they find out if they've won.
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