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instead of asking y he won't cure cancer...eat of this earth and you will find cancer preventing food like cayenne pepper and other spices in his world!we won't find the cure because the government wants us to struggle with diseases so we can continue to contribute to the sources they need..money the root of all evil..research organic food and you will find god!

It's just a shame that a human government is powerful enough to thwart God's will so easily by hiding him in the organic produce section. If only God had not created disease in the first place...

Actually, come to think of it, God's diseases complement the government's evil schemes so well that he may very well be a co-conspirator!

i would die for him and do as he wishes.the more I learn about my body,the more in awww I am with god!god bless you and all of his children..cuz yet we are still children...n he will always father us even if he needs to use one of us as his instrument for pain and suffering!amen!

Well if the end goal is pain and suffering, then consider me in awe of his design of the human body as well!

Now brb, I feel something seeping out of my ear...
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