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What exactly is it that makes it so hard for people like rock to understand that scientists don't support the BBT or the ToE just because they want to but because it is what all evidence points at?

One of the major selling points of many brands of religion is The Truth™. They market from the standpoint that unlike all those other guys who weren't intelligent enough to invest in their product you - the smart, young, handsome/beautiful consumer- can be privy to a far higher level of knowledge as imparted by otherworldly sources! What an honor! You see, even the world's smartest men can't answer the difficult questions of the Universe, but this magic book can! Just bend knee to the Overlord here.

Religion is a package deal which often comes with a false sense of entitlement and superiority, and reinforces this through groupthink and the demonization of anyone who isn't already a yipping acolyte of their particular, narrow sect. Since a divine authority has to be assumed true from the outset in accordance with the Terms of Agreement, it doesn't matter if there isn't any empirical support for the numerous "just-so" assertions, or even if they are flatly contradicted by reality - all that matters is maintaining faith in the source, even if it means keeping reality at bay. If anyone has the audacity to claim that the Emperor isn't wearing any clothes, it's only because they aren't enlightened enough to detect the intricate beauty of the robes.

Thus, the lack of any actual engagement on rockv12's part. To him it doesn't even matter that he hasn't presented an actual argument. Snorting, "You actually believe that?!" and rolling his eyes constitutes a suitable refutation of the Big Bang and evolution in his eyes, because he's a bearer of The Truth™. See, since he already has The Truth™ and isn't persuaded, then everyone else must be wrong! To many religious followers, personal feelings are valid indicators of truth. Simply feeling that it's wrong is enough. The fact that he wasn't persuaded is evidence enough that it couldn't possibly be true. As for those scientists - why, if they were really sooooo smart, then they'd already be fellow sycophants of rockv12's specific faith and realize that The Truth™ contradicts what they're advocating! They're just coming to silly conclusions because since they reject The Truth™ they are flying blind!
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