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Goalpost shift.

Mooby, as most here know - when dealing with you there are never any goalposts to shift. They're a s imaginary as your Sky Daddy. So please don't try to pull your B.S. with me. I've seen it all before.  :)

Let x = "the thing my post was addressing"
If you follow the links I provided, and spend some time looking around, you can verify quite easily that it is evidence of x.  By emailing the Vatican or talking to a local priest, you can test x.  By clicking on the links repeatedly, or by flipping through a Catechism at your local book store, you can repeat x.

If you're not sure what x is, then I suggest you "learn to read a post" as I suggested above.

There is no evidence at any of your "links" or in any of your garbage Catholic "books". It's all religious bullshit. That's the problem - we've gone over and over and over it for years here. What you consider evidence is, to a critical thinker, is simply indoctrination and delusion. You are delusional and because of this, you don't know how to filter out proper from improper evidence, and you sure as hell don't know how to test it.

So, following your ridiculous "links" is utter nonsense, because there is nothing of value there to a critical thinker. It would be as useless as me following links to religious sites explaining how this could be true -

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