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You are presenting something quite different from the original hypothetical here.

I had to do the button thing because people were trying to wiggle out of the stark choice any way they could.

The only reason to have a button to press is if you need to make a choice right then and there.

Right. That's what I'm trying to get people to do. Yes.

This living after you press the button is a new twist on the question and makes pressing the button pointless if what matters is whether or not you worship.

It's not a new twist, I never thought people would assume you would get to choose to worship after death. I've never heard anyone argue that would happen. No, I disagree it makes the button pointless. It makes these people commit to a choice instead of trying to weasel out of the hypothetical.

So the new question is:
If Biblegod shows himself to exist, would you worship (knowing that if you didn't you would eventually burn in hell once you died normally)?

Fine, if you want it worded that way.
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