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So you are The One? The One? The One that can take torture from a deity no matter what it is or how long it is? The One that can choose this even if you could get out of it another way?

Can you tell the audience how you are able to achieve this remarkable feat? How have you prepared for this monumental task? Are you bringing a bag full of nails to bite down on? Come tell us how you are able to endure it all - what training you have?

I know how you prepared - you debate others on the internets. You got through a tough year at school once? You got through losing a girlfriend? Maybe some other great trial in your life? Or like Nam you had a staple in your skin once?

Oh - you are going to get through it because you typed it out on a computer screen? Once typed out, it is a done deal.

Sounds like you are really ready! Bring it Biblegod!
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