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Actually, I quite like conversing with OCG. He is a real gentleman, who is actually interested in discussing differing points of view, unlike yourself Skep, where you dodge dip and dive like a... dodgey-dippy-divey type. Still, you're a fun chew toy, but the novelty is really starting to wear thin.

So, when are you going to answer my twice-asked question about how YOU[1]know what a OneTrueChristian is? And what process you would use to determine if a Goddess was a demon or the real deal? And have you applied that same 'logic' to your belief in your own god? And do you truly believe you have the 'power' to cast a demon out? Cos matey, I reckon you need to start with yourself... just sayin'
 1. And apparently ONLY you, in the whole planet
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