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Ok, it's been a VERY slow day at work, and I have skimmed through the video, so I can sort of sum it up for anyone who is interested...

1. What is our moral standard?

  • This basically comes down to 'without god we can't have a moral standard'

2. What's the big deal?

  • There are (apparently) souls at stake!
  • Homosexuals think "I'm not hurting anyone, my sin doesn't hurt others" well it does! The truth is that sin hurts other people, and it hurts the person who is engaged in that particular behaviour

3. What do the terms mean?

  • LBGTQ is 'their' term, not ours. It's used as a way of not making the practice of homosexuality sound so bad by substituting the word 'gay'
  • Homophobic means 'fear of homosexuals' but has been used to describe hatred. Christians have been called homophobic but that's not fair, we're just going by what the bible says
  • We don't believe in homosexuality

4. What did Jesus say?

  • Well Jesus never said that beastiality or incest is a sin
  • In Matthew 19:4-5 Jesus talks about marriage so by implication we can infer that this rules out all other kinds of marriage

5. Are people born this way?

  • This is essentially nature versus nurture
  • We deny the existence of the 'gay' gene
  • There is no scientific evidence that people are born gay
  • The next step is to say that peadophiles are 'born this way' also
  • Homosexuals have made a choice to be like this and refuse to exercise any self-control over their sinful urges[1]

6. Can people stop practicing homosexuality?

  • Yes cos it happened in the bible
  • This is not an issue about stepping on people's rights it's about showing them the will of god

7. How should we respond to homosexuals?

(By now I was really getting sick of this video and these self-righteous pricks...)

  • We should help people to hear the good news about Jesus
  • When a preacher says it's ok to be gay well he's lying cos the bible says it ain't

The above is pretty abreviated. I feel slimey now...
 1. I find it amusing that they don't see the irony here...
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