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There is no apologetics in atheism. Non-belief has nothing to apologize for.

And you do understand to a certain extent you are asking me to prove a negative.
No, I asked you to provide evidence of the consistently negative results that you've claimed to observe to a degree that establishes a strong pattern (I suggested a few dozen would work.)  Asking you to prove a negative would be something like asking you to show that no theist in the world would ever answer your question.

When put forward this proposition and theists view it(viewing this thread as some boards have), yet don't answer, there's no "evidence" per se.
Making any judgement on someone viewing your thread and not posting a reply is the argument from silence fallacy.  There are many reasons for not replying to a thread, and thus the judgement that the lack of reply signals a refusal to answer the question is unfounded and illogical.

It's as illogical as the claim that every pirated copy of a movie represents a lost DVD sale.

However as to thouse actively answering threads; Babz Zax never did, Neither did Buck Alec, Nor Curious Job, Nor Johann, and there's others.
I don't know any of these people, have no way of verifying that you ever interacted with them, and have no way of telling what, if any, comments they made in response to your questions.  You are making claims about them, but do you have any evidence to back up those claims?

So this isn't some "trump card this week" I've been using this one for 16 years.
See what happens when we start making sweeping generalizations?

Now, given that you do believe in the supernatural, shall I take note that you too did not answer the question?
And there's the goading I predicted.  Nice try.

I'm getting tired of threads like this one, this one, this one, or even this one in which the owner makes an ignorant generalization and then tries to antagonize the opposition into replying.

You go take note of whatever you want.  When you're ready to have a discussion, let me know.  I do happen to have a straightforward, simple answer for you, but the sweet irony of it is that you'll never get it if you start the conversation by claiming I won't give it to you.  You are not entitled to a response from me, or anything else.

I might have an alternate explanation for why your question has been falling flat since 1996.
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