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What, no Christians responding to such a simple matter as this?
Chill, killer.  You didn't even wait an hour.  If we go by your average posts per day, this board would need to have ~28 Christians at your activity level with time to respond and potential interest in the thread content to ensure that the Christians had ample opportunity to view it and decided not to respond.  Considering all that, do you really think you had a sound basis for your question?

Jesus did not simply have someone write down moral tales, rules and guidelines.  He appeared, performed miracles, to a group of 12 people for years and I am expected to take them at their word and simply believe the words of people from superstitious people who lived 2,000 + years ago.
Is there any actual evidence that suggests this group of people in general were any more superstitious than we are today?

And no, you're supposed to read their words and evaluate their merits.  Then, you're supposed to read the words of many other people throughout history, too, including those who thought the first group's words were a pile of crap.  Then, you're supposed to look around to see whether those words ring true for your own experiences or the experiences of anyone else in your life.  Then, you're supposed to figure out where you stand in terms of belief, including whether you have any belief at all.

I am simply to have faith that these people were not just a bunch of people easily swayed like mormons or jehovahs wittnesses.
On what grounds do you accuse Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses of being easily swayed?  I have no personal experiences with Mormons, but they appear to be pretty firm in their beliefs.  And I have met a few JWs, and can confirm that at least the ones I've met are incredibly difficult to sway.  Certainly moreso than many mainstream Christians I've met.

The human mind seeks answers to why are we here, why do bad things happen, why do good thing happen... Where do we go when we die.

With the latter being what I consider the primary reason for religions existance.  We simply don't like the idea of not being.  the state of not being is likely not all that bad but it sucks to think of yourself being no more.  Religion answers all of these basic needs for humans.
Is there any way to prove this consideration of yours?
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