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Not only is christianity not responsible for science, but it is, in fact, probably the worst enemy to science. Remember the Dark Ages?
No, I don't. I wasn't alive then.

The Dark Ages was a myth invented by Enlightenment era thinkers to help push their new secularist ideas. Historians debunked said myth decades ago.
You're making the assertion therefore the burden is on you to provide the proof.
Actually, One Above All first made the assertion that Christianity is the worst enemy to science as exemplified by the Dark Ages.  I made a counter-assertion.  So we both have a burden of proof, with the neutral point being a lack of comment on the Dark Ages.

Why, then, did you not link to one of those reputable sites, Mooby?  It would have helped your case quite a bit; as it stands, it's a matter of you making a claim and then leaving it to others to find the support and evidence for that claim.
Because I was on my iPod, and was time-limited, and because the initial burden of proof rested on the claim that the Dark Ages was a time of decline due to Christianity so I wanted to give One Above All the opportunity to back it first.

For the simplest neutral searches, one can always look at the usual starting point for casual discussions: Wikipedia.

Dark Ages debunked in academics

Dark Ages misunderstood in popular culture

Conflict thesis is debunked

Really, the only support out there for the Dark Ages myth is from biased anti-Christian sites trying to keep the myth alive complete with a ridiculous graph that's conveniently unsourced (and has been debunked if you search around long enough.)  But feel free to have a look around.
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