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He is asking for studies NOT done by the vaccine companies.
Good luck on finding that for most drugs, not just vaccines.  Scientific studies should be repeatable, but in reality studies cost money so unless you have a financial stake or can talk someone into giving you a grant, you're probably not going to be testing every new drug that hits the market.  The video author is welcome to publish one himself, though.

However, what he fails to mention in the video is that clinical trials are done in multiple phases.  Phase 4 trials involve monitoring the population after a drug has been approved for any adverse effects that didn't appear during research.  Some doctors like to give new drugs a little lag (usually about a year) before prescribing them for this reason, unless it's a landmark drug.  But the flu shot has been basically unchanged (other than the virus strains) for ~60 years, so the odds of some new scary new adverse effect suddenly appearing are quite low.

I get you are on the Pro vaccine side.
Yes, I am very pro-vaccine.  It's almost a shame that we're so far removed from the days where vaccines didn't exist that we have the luxury of being able to condemn them.

I also have a 4 year old grandchild who suffers from Autism,can I say it was from vaccine,I can't know for sure,was he normal before his booster ,yes.
Autism shows up as a developmental delay in the first few years of life, during which children are receiving vaccines at most appointments.  Autism is often caught in screening at one of those appointments.  Anything done during the first 2-3 years of life is going to look like it's associated with autism, because that's when autism becomes observable.

as Mooby pointed out to work in hospitals means mandatory vaccinations from various diseases,but I would think its more to protect the health care worker from the patient than the other way round.....why,because people lie
Depends on the vaccine.  For something with potentially chronic effects (like Hep B), it's absolutely to protect the employee and reduce hospital liability in case of a work-related injury resulting in exposure to a potentially chronic illness.  With stuff like chicken pox, rubella, measles, flu, etc., it's more to prevent vulnerable populations that can be seriously harmed by these illnesses.

The Video I posted had the Doctor talking about studies done on people where the people who developed fevers after the shot were excluded from the study,does this make sense?
No, the claim made by the PHD in nutrition (not trained in pharmacology) doesn't make sense.  And when things don't make sense, we should investigate.

Has an acute illness and/or an oral temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit, within 72 hours of vaccination (This may result in a temporary delay of vaccination).

Oops, he lied.  When the woman showed up to be vaccinated, if she admitted to being sick or having a fever over 100.0F in the prior 72 hours, she was excluded or delayed.  In addition, temperature (and other vitals) was taken before the vaccine was administered to make sure she was below 100.0.  This was to ensure that if a fever did show up, they would know it was caused by the shot.

What actually happened in the study was that each woman was given a thermometer and was told to take her temperature daily for 8 days (Day 0 - Day 7).  1 person out of 120 reported fever after the first vaccination, and 1 person out of 103 reported fever after the second vaccination.  0 patients reported vaccine-associated serious adverse events within 180 days of receiving the first vaccination.  (Study Results)

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