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These people are refusing the shot for the reason of long term unknown health effects
Which effects would those be?

I'm watching your video.  Despite a promise that they were going to prove the flu vaccine was unsafe, 10 min in it's just people complaining about vaccine policies and "questioning" whether the vaccine is safe.  I don't know how much longer I can sit through.

The guy states he's a scientist, but then identifies himself as a nutritionist... so he doesn't work in the field.  And... Oh God, I just hit 12 min and he's talking about autism.  16 min he mentions it again.  And now he's implying ADHD is due to vaccines.  This is a mess.

Seriously?  The whole autism scare was because of 1 guy who lied and faked evidence in his paper.  He was promptly exposed, laughed out of the scientific community, and had his medical license revoked, and all follow-up studied found no link between vaccines and autism.  He loses 10 credibility points for stating a completely disproven claim with a straight face.

Now he's ranting about money... yeah, I'm going to stop here.  Is there anything in the video that shows vaccines are unsafe?
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