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Hep A,B,C are  easily transmittable and vaccines are available for A and B,there are other transmittable and diseases that kill,where a vaccine is available,Whooping cough as an example,very DEADLY. Should these be mandatory as well? Where does the slippery slope of Big Brother stop? These vaccines are available but not mandatory,so why the flu shot?
Good question.

When I got accepted into medical school, I had to prove I was immune via blood test to everything given in childhood vaccinations, and was up-to-date on my tetanus booster (which also contains diphtheria and whooping cough.)  Incidentally, my childhood Heb B had not taken (a small percentage of people are non-responders,) so I was required to get another booster and get tested for immunity again.

When I was hired by my hospital, I had to prove the same thing as a prerequisite for employment.  "Before we hire you, we'll have to get a urine sample for a drug test and, oh, stop by the lab so we can check your immunity."  So yeah, I'd say those are mandatory, or at least they were for me.

Flu shot isn't mandatory here yet, but we do have to sign a waiver if we don't get it.  Of course, it's so easy to get one for free that there's really no reason not to get it if you're not allergic to the ingredients.

If there were not long term risks,why would anybody be against it,hell there is even an American agency compensating victims of vaccination side effects

The site you pasted lists no known long-term risks for any of the vaccines, other than the catchall "and anything resulting from the above."  So, if you had an allergic reaction to a vaccine, were unable to breathe, and suffered brain damage before the doctors could open your airway, that would be covered under that clause.  Though, that would not be the vaccine causing brain damage; it would be the vaccine causing an allergic reaction that led to brain damage.

Alzheimer's and other dementia related diseases are on a rapid escalation in people who are still young,can this be explained?.....and there is nowhere (and nobody) in the medical profession willing to say anything because it may make them liable.

*Draws from hat*

C'mon obesity/diet/exercise/rectal exams/tv/internet/number of blockbuster movies per year/percentage reality tv programming...


You can't just pick two things at random you think are trending and logically conclude one influences the other.  When you do that, you get this:

Not to mention that Alzheimer Disease is not rapidly escalating in the young.  We're getting better at diagnosing it early, but the disease is still one of the elderly.  About 5-10% of cases is in people under 65, and over half of that 5-10% is due to one genetic disease.  Where is there any evidence at all, anywhere, that vaccines cause any type of dementia?

If you want to refuse a vaccine, that's your right once you've heard the risks/benefits.  But there's no need to hide behind paranoid thoughts about long-term effects not known to researchers, dubious correlations, or a conspiracy of medical professionals hiding the truth to protect their wallets.  That's just not rational.
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