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Whoa, fc, what government did Jesus run, where these egalitarian laws regarding women were enforced? Are you really trying to say that, because one guy, Jesus,  was sometimes nice to women, the whole world immediately became a women-oriented place? Beginning in 35 AD? Seriously?

How did I forget that huge, woman-friendly ancient Christian society led by Jesus, where everyone had equal rights, nobody was subservient or enslaved, and women took their places of leadership and authority alongside of men? 

I must have missed those parts of the bible as a JW kid. The bible I read was telling me to shut up and let the men run things, to be submissive, that women were unclean, that women tempted men into sinfulness, that Eve brought all the trouble into the world, etc, etc. Those were "preconceived notions" that I (and evidently a lot of other people) got from the bible.

If Jesus existed, he was just one minor rabbi, a rebel and a hippie, maybe even a rabble rouser--but he gathered no instant mass following. Nobody important even seemed to notice the members for hundreds of years.  His followers were a minor and insignificant sect with no political power until the Roman emperor adopted the religion and forced everyone in the empire to join.

It took hundreds of years and many changes in the teachings of Jesus (first by Saul of Tarsus and later by the Roman councils and even later by the Protestant reformers) before something vaguely recognizeable as modern Christianity caught on in most European countries.

Equal rights for men of all races and classes, the abolition of slavery, and the emancipation of women did not accompany the conversion of the pagan masses to Christianity. Unless medieval feudal Europe looked a lot different than we thought!

Those political and economic improvements were gained by social revolutions starting in the 18th and 19th centuries. Those principles were not originally part of any branch of early Christianity. Religion was much more likely to be used by the powerful to maintain the status quo than to make radical changes.[1]

Or did Jesus advocate for women's education, suffrage, inheritance and property rights and I somehow missed that? How Jesus personally treated women had no effect on the laws of the countries that later adopted Christianity.
 1. Who are the people most likely to suppress freedom for women around the world today? Are religious groups or secular ones trying to keep girls ignorant and unskilled, raping them for daring to be outside their homes, kidnapping them or throwing acid on them for going to school?
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