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Pattern recognition also kicks in. Our brains make connections between things that we are not even conscious of.

We have all experienced it-- you buy a green car and suddenly there are all these green cars out there on the road. Or you decide to move to Australia and suddenly all this information connected to that country starts showing up in your life. Or you are thinking about adopting a child and suddenly people start telling you about their experiences with adoption.

What is really happening is your brain is constantly zeroing in on the things that are important to you, filtering out all the things that matter less. If our brains did not do this, we would go nuts from the overwhelming amount of data out in the world.

There were always green cars, but you never paid them any attention before you got one. The guy in the next cubicle always had an Australian brother in law with a sheep ranch needing help, but it never mattered to you before. And adoption was always discussed around you, but it was not connected to you before, and now it is.
If you are a religious person, you might decide that those associations and connections are not just coincidences that your pattern recognizing brain has begun to notice. They are evidence that god is answering your prayers.
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