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Viruses, bacteria and natural disasters (all placed there by the loving god-being) have caused much of humanity's suffering, historically, especially if you include crop failures due to swarms of insects or burning drought, freezing winters that caused communities to run out of food, and coastal floods that drown people.

Most of the planet--over 75%-- has either too much water, too little water or the wrong kind of water for human survival. Humans did not "self-inflict" the we-can't-drink-salt-water problem.

Nobody "self-inflicted" the massive epidemics of plague or smallpox that killed millions over the centuries. Communities used to routinely bury the latest batch of  babies and children each year from diseases.

That is the way the world was, and would still be if not for humans solving problems with science. We know that because it is still that way in places where people don't have access to sanitation, vaccines and other modern medicine, etc. That's not "negative thinking". I did not make up those facts. Negative thinking would be assuming that a powerful god-being made the world the way it is, life mostly sucks because that god-being wants it to, and there is nothing humans can do about it. 

Click on the graph here and see when population growth really took off. Hint: about the same time global vaccination and sanitation campaigns meant that more people survived childhood and lived long enough to have kids of their own. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Population_growth

So, you have to conclude that the loving god being did not really care about all those dead babies and children until the swinging 1960's. Furthermore, the loving god being could not be buggered to put clean drinkable water and good soil everywhere. He had to make climate patterns so extreme that lots of people would die just from the weather! On top of all that, he had to design a planet with sliding continental plates that destroy towns and kill people. Then, he puts greed and other weaknesses and frailties into people, just for snicks.

Since god never explains anything in any clear format, many people will try to maintain the idea that god is good, and everyone will blame each other for all the things that go wrong.  Hilarity will ensue as desperate people fight over scarce water, food and land resources. Now all god has to do is sit back and watch the fun!

Very loving. Maybe this being has a different definition of love from most people? More of a "smack everyone down really hard a zillion times, and see who gets up" cruel hatred kind of "love"?  &)

Or, you can conclude that loving magic beings have nothing to do with any of this, and we have to make the best of it we can, because that it is just the way the universe rolls. Positive, realistic thinking. Hmmm. Which one makes more sense?
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