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[snark alert]

There you atheists go again, expecting gods to be consistent; expecting gods to actually do something about bad stuff; expecting gods to really behave like loving parents; expecting gods to show up and be visible to everyone equally; expecting gods to understand the human need for knowledge about the world; expecting gods to treat the earth like they care; expecting gods to realize that humans think "soon" refers to minutes or even days, but not millennia.

You atheists are so stupid--we religious people know that we have to lower our expectations to meet the gods where they are; we have to assume that anything and everything is a sign from the all-powerful;  we have to mentally change "bad" and "neutral" to "good" so gods only do "good"; we have to accept that a god is a dictator and has the right to reward us lavishly, ignore us completely, or abuse, torture, inflict all kinds of harm and kill us-- just because. We are deliriously happy with a few stupid godly tricks every once in a while. For us it's enough to see god's blurry image on toast, and to hear demonic voices in rock music.

Meanwhile you dumb atheists want gods to do all kinds of impossible sh!t, like: [whiny voice] end all war, stop global warming, get rid of all disease-carrying insects, give regular rainfall to drought-stricken regions, have no blizzards, tornadoes or floods in populated areas, make all land mines disappear from the ground, reverse Down's syndrome and dementia, make sure all babies are born healthy and to parents who want them and can care for them, keep wild animal populations and their natural habitats in balance, restore arms and legs to amputees.

Why would all-powerful, loving, caring gods be interested in any of that crap? Just because life on earth would be much better, and humans cannot [yet] do these things?  The Kardashian family made lots of money last year. North Korea didn't win the bid to host the next Olympics. If you are reading this, you are not dead. Isn't that enough proof for you to believe in gods? So what if gods prefer to write cryptic messages on walls in blood and help sports teams win games instead of stopping all child molestation. Who are we to question their priorities? They are gods. Case closed.

In sum, we know we have to fill in all the blanks and solve all human problems ourselves, because gods can't be expected to drop everything in their busy schedule of ignoring the entire universe to attend to the insignificant lives of the lowly worms they created in order to glorify their exalted names.

Why would you atheists be so silly as to expect anything at all from a god? Just because the gods in ancient texts and stories did all those amazing things?  Just because the gods demand strict obedience, utter devotion and constant worship from humans?

You atheists really think that gods are supposed to behave as advertised. Hah! Get real. We religious people know better. Remember, it takes more faith to be an atheist than to be religious. &)
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