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They are making a big strategic mistake with their "atheist religion" rhetoric. Because religion in the US has special protections, tax breaks and a lot of leeway in how they run their organizations. And hardly any oversight or regulation, since religious institutions never break the law and do such a good job of policing themselves.But in reality, religions behave much like any other big corporation that skips out on taxes....they just do it legally.[1]

I can think of some pretty cool things that we could do in the US with an "atheist religion". Tax-free private "atheist" schools that teach real science and math. We could hire atheist "pastors" as teachers, paid in tax-free cash. Tax free "atheist" radio and tv broadcasting networks and "atheist" universities anyone?
 1. Churches are big meeting halls with enormous parking lots that clog up the streets with traffic on weekends, while paying no property taxes. Other people pick up the tab for the fire, police and maintenance of the street around church property. And the health care bill had to make allowances for religious organizations to not have insurance pay for stuff like abortion and contraception if they did not approve of it.
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