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So, if A and E are symbolic figures, then what the heck is the point of sending Jesus? Seems to me all of Christianity is at risk if you lose A and E. For Jesus to have any meaning at all[1] you have to have some big deal cosmic mistake that has to be corrected.

If there was no actual garden of Eden and no Adam and Eve, then there was no original sin, no fall from grace, no disobedience, no separation from god or whatever you want to call it. No need for Jesus or the crucifixion. No need to get up early on Sunday unless you want to get to the funnies first.

Without a real A and E, Christianity is just another set of primitive myths that try to explain why life is so effed up and give us advice (mostly worthless) about how we can fix it-- like Krishna (or Prometheus) bringing sacred knowledge (or fire) to humans, Pandora's box introducing trouble to the world, or Anansi the Spider trying to keep wisdom from humans. In other words, if all the bible stories are symbolic, than the Christian religion is nothing special, just happened to luck into some really powerful empires with good armies and navies backing it up.

Noah's Ark is another kettle of fish that is pretty messed up, any way you look at it. If the flood washed away all the wicked sinful people, again, what is the point of Jesus? If the flood did not wash away all the wicked sinful people, what was the point of the flood? If again, it was just symbolic and nothing special, then maybe we have found yet another ancient myth where people are trying--with very little knowledge-- to explain the big bad world....

And that means that there is no ultimate reason for the world to be the way it is, at least if we are looking at Christianity. We just have to try to understand reality, because, well, that is the way the universe rolls. Lucky for us we have found something that actually does explain the universe and helps us understand reality way better than ancient myths.....it's called science, and it works, beeyatches. ;D

ps Anyone else find it terribly ironic to discuss whether science has validity on the freaking internet? 
 1. other than as a charismatic Jewish leader who made waves and gathered a following--a  Gandhi or a Mandela
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