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A reminder and two quick points here.

Reminder: we are not just talking to skeptic or harbinger or Jailed. Many people log in and lurk, or read just for information. We are also talking to them, and we owe them some good rebuttals to the lame claptrap skeptic writes.

Point one: if god does not go where he is not wanted, how do people ever convert if they were not already Christians? And god does not seem to want to go very many places, if 25% of the planet or even fewer are the right kind of believer.

How do we account for all the folks who say they were evil horrible people who cared nothing for anyone, but then suddenly one day god spoke to them and turned their lives around. Overnight, they go from drinking and drugging and killing to bible-reading church-going model citizens, no opening of the heart, no softening of the will or any or that stuff. Just boom, instant believer. Or so they say.[1]

The other point is this:  creation scientists (sic) are not scientists. They don't do any science-- don't do original research, don't test anything, don't invent anything or conduct any experiments. Nothing they have come up with works in application, or helps us understand anything about the world.

In all the thousands of years of trying to show evidence of the supernatural they have a record of exactly zero--cured not one disease, have built not one machine, have invented not one new process.

They just muddy the water that real scientists are using by trying to slap a sciency-sounding gloss on their religious beliefs. They argue themselves into logical corners and then retreat into semantics and abstract physics.  How can they be considered scientists?
 1. I met a guy who said exactly that-- he said he was a atheist and then one day, without warning or invitation, god spoke to him and the next day he started reading the bible and going to church....the rest of us are still waiting.
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