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The video of the grasshopper with six legs, clearly using them all to walk, will not convince the religious believers that the bible is wrong. They will either ignore it, like Sword here, or will say it is faked, or that it is only one mutant grasshopper and no other grasshopper in the world walks with their back legs. Nothing will convince them, not even seeing the evidence with their own eyes. Remember that the bible is always right. No matter what.

When the real world, historical records, common sense, biological facts, geological evidence, medical science, museum collections, crime scene investigations, the fossil record and your own eyeballs all disagree with the bible, the bible is still true. And you cannot expect rationality to penetrate the powerful need for the believer to be right.

Scary, because if that is so, then religious believers can convince themselves of any number of crazy things, and even act on them, which we have seen--Jim Jones, Rastafarians, Israeli Zionists, Mormons, Christian Identity, the Taliban, snake handlers, that Texas cult guy,[1] Hale Bopp, Nation of Islam, Scientology, anyone who cuts into children's genitals for religious reasons, JW's, SDA.

My grandfather was SDA. We lived with him when I was a teen, so I know what we are dealing with here. Narrow-minded judgmental conservatism, Loma Linda food products, church on Saturday, and lots of irrational thinking.  :P
 1.  the one with the arsenal who got killed in his compound by government agents--I know, but still, which one?  &)
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