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Same with the Quran-- Arabic was like Hebrew, a written language without upper and lower case, or even vowels as we think of them in English. There are words that can mean one thing if written with certain vowels and something else if written differently.

Like, there is such a big difference between the meanings of sick, sack, sock and suck that you can't just wave away one little vowel change as insignificant. Pick one vowel over the others and you have a completely different sentence:

"I'm sorry to tell you, but your brother made me sick."
"I'm sorry to tell you, but your brother made me suck."

"Santa brings gifts in his magic sack."
"Santa brings gifts in his magic sock."

Multiply that by thousands of words..... and you have the King James Bible. No wonder so many passages read like medieval gibberish. They are medieval gibberish![1]

Hard to imagine there wasn't also a leeeettle leeway in the interpretations as people transcribed the manuscripts. Some Roman Empire monk in the 400's with a difficult passage of Hebrew:

"Of course god would not say that there were other gods equivalent in power and majesty to him. He had to be talking about something else when he said 'we' and 'us'. Let's see, let's see. Oh, I got it! He meant himself, his son and his spirit! See, now, this makes perfect sense in light of what we now understand about god's triune nature..."

And in a stroke of his quill, he erases a hundred rounds of debates and a few hundred banished heretics and a few thousand people killed over the nature of god. Fast forward 1600 years, and people will read what the monk wrote, translated into Shakespearean English (a bastard language made up of low German and high French that the monk never even heard of) and declare it the unchanged word of god, breathed straight from his own holy lips. &)
 1. I mean, parables, metaphors, symbolism too profound for mere mortals to understand....
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