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If taken literally, than of course the god of the bible is wrong. A lot of what is said in the bible is simply not true. If it is supposed to be the world of god, then god is wrong.

God did not make the planet earth in a week. Women don't come from men's ribs. There was never a global flood. Demons do not cause epilepsy and supernatural beings don't heal disease. You should not be able to pay a fine to the dad of a woman you raped and walk away. Entire cities full of people should not be destroyed for believing in the wrong religion. Children should not be penalized for something their parents did. If someone wants to pray to a statue it should be their own business--not a crime worthy of the death penalty. Slavery, oppression of women and the killing of gay people is bad and should be illegal, not encouraged.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

If the bible is only poetry, than no, the bible god is not wrong; he's just written that way.

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