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Does purity wear off over time? It must. After the flood, Noah's family were supposed to be industriously re-inventing human society for us.  It would take a lot of time to develop irrigated agriculture, and bury all those fossils in precise evolutionary layers.  You would not think they had time to screw around, what with devising a way to transport the penguins to the South Pole and the marsupials to Australia without a single escape, and all. It should have been a nerdfest of Gorillas in the Mist plus Biosphere II plus Apollo 13. But instead, they went all Survivor: Gilligan's Island Edition plus Girls Gone Wild.

Noah's peeps were the finest, most righteous and upstanding god-believing people on the planet? From the way they acted as soon as they got off the ark--sinning and drinking and daughters having party sex with dad--they might as well have been reality tv stars like that overweight hillbilly family.[1]

Or else everyone besides the Noah family was so incredibly awful that the Magic Sleazy Eight looked good by comparison. Imagine how bad things would have to be before the athiests on this board get wiped off the planet, but Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson's family and the Kardashians make the final cut to be saved..... :o
 1. When Noah's Ark--2014 becomes a reality show, remember you heard it here first. :P
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