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A 'n A;
As a person with a tiny bit more life experience than you, I predict one of two things happening:

1) You will one day ditch the whole tulpa thing when you get older, get a job, get a girl/boy friend, get out of  school, ie get a life and are no longer "bored".[1]
1)a) You will divert your obvious creativity and imagination into writing stories, or producing some other art form as a healthier and more useful outlet. You will think of your tulpa time as when you were trying out new creative concepts, like an artist's blue period.[2]

1)b)  You will never mention your tulpa time to anyone. Ever. If someone brings it up you will change the subject. You will become a certified public accountant.


2) You will create many more tulpa. You will one day wake up in a strait jacket.

I suggest you pick door number one.
 1. I wish I had time on my hands to create imaginary people in my head, dress them up and take them out to play. Wanna help me with some yard work--pruning, collecting leaves, turning the compost--and recaulk two bathrooms and grade 40 college-level essays and cornrow my daughter's hair? With the two of you it will take no time at all...
 2. I have an artistic friend from high school who did lots of drugs and took thousands of pictures of toilets. She's better now.
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