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^^^^Exactly. This is about as scientific as 1)gathering random samples of small children in US shopping malls during the month of December and 2)asking them if Santa Claus is real and 3)tallying the results and 4)deciding that Santa exists based on over 50% of the respondents saying yes.

Actually the Santa project would be more scientific than this guy's hypnosis results, because at least you started with a random sample...... :P

These are some ways to make this guy's work closer to valid science:

1)Start with a random sample, or a least a less biased sample.  Don't select anyone who expresses a strong prior belief for or against past lives; only choose people who are neutral on the issue. You should not have people who want /don't want past lives to be true contaminating the data.

2) Assign the people randomly to different hypnotherapists who all use the same set of questions. Make sure the questions are general ones and not leading toward or away from past lives. Like: "Where are you right now?" Not: "Are you in the past?"

3) Have transcripts of the sessions gone over by independent researchers to look for patterns or references to past lives. Count misses (no reference to past lives) along with hits (references to past lives). Publish the raw data along with the summary reports.

4) Finally, any time there is any past life reference that includes factual details, have independent researchers check the facts for accuracy. Whenever possible, try to determine if there was a way for the person hypnotized to have obtained the information beforehand.

5) Don't just accept that the person was Suzette,  the 14-year old second handmaiden to Marie Antoinette at the time of her beheading. If someone says they were Suzette, find out if there really was any such person and check out the details for accuracy. Was the queen's bedchamber actually painted green and pink? Did the queen have a mole on her left ankle? Can that information be found on google?

If there were studies that, minimally, did the above and were statistically sound, we might have some basis to think there might be past lives. I would be interested in looking further. But the stuff this guy does with hypnotizing people and telling us what they say? BOGUS.
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