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^^^Islam is trying hard not to do this-- no translations of the Quran are considered the real deal, everything must be taken literally, apostasy is punishable by death, etc. At the same time, Muslims are living in a rapidly changing world, surrounded by and using modern technology, exposed to all kinds of different beliefs. Imagine if a billion Christians today followed Amish beliefs, and were living in countries run by military dictators with high tech weaponry.[1]

Younger Muslims are struggling with trying to make a medieval faith (which was highly scientifically advanced, socially liberal and economically progressive-- for 1250 CE) fit into the 21st century. So far the response from most of their leaders to contradictions between the real world and the holy text of Allah is to double down on the blasphemers and infidels even more. Like when your house is being burned and sacked by looters, you can't afford to tolerate dissension within the family.

Which means that Islam is way overdue for its Reformation....and it won't be any prettier or more reasonable than the Christian one. Instead of three or four different sects of Islam, there will be thousands, all disagreeing with each other....:P
 1. This is an amusing and disturbing contradiction-- the decadent west and its secular lifestyles are anathema to the Osama bin Ladens of the world, but they are happy to use the modern computers, bombs, guns, planes and communications technology. Hell, Osama was ranting about how evil modern stuff was.....on youtube videos available for download worldwide.  &)
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