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If the baby had died and grandma had survived, it would be that god needed another little angel --for what, why does the pervert need babies and children, esp. those from poor families, by his side all the damn time? What is even worse is when a child is murdered or dies of an illness or in a horrible accident, and people say it is god's will. He called his baby home, black people say.

Any god/demon/supernatural entity out there, listen up to this black dreadlocked commie mommy: don't you call my baby home. Don't call my baby at all. Don't let me catch you dialing my baby's cell. Ever. Try that crap on my kid, worship will be the last thing you get from me....more like an a$$ whupping that would leave you in ten new dimensions. I will go all exorcist on your a$$.  >:(

That is the proper response of a parent who loves their kid. Not "my kid is not really mine, she belongs to god and he can call her home anytime...and if he told me to I would cut off her head and put her body in a trash compactor and eat her toes for dinner.....because god is love." Sheeeeeit no.

How can anyone reasonably say sh!t like that and consider themselves sane? Some scary-a$$ people out there.  :o
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